Free Printable Slumber Party Invitation Templates

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Are you going to make slumber party at your house ? If the answer is yes, you come into the right place because you will love our template!. Anyway, slumber party can be a great idea to make quality time with your best friend. Let’s check it out

Party is always identical with invitation even from paper invitation or just from mouth to mouth. As well as slumber party, you also need an invitation to make it look serious and fun. So, we are here to offer our design invitation which have slumber party theme. Yup, this phenomenal party inspired us to design a pretty invitation just for you. We provide six options. It has pyjamas party theme. So, tell your best friend for wearing a pyjamas as the dress code. Don’t worry girls, our template is totally free so you don’t need to pay. The designs are so pretty which have blu pastel and pyjamas theme. so, it will make your invitation look so impressive. Don’t forget to write down your wording invitation such as name, date and place. 

How to get these invitation template

  1. Go to our website and choose your favourite template
  2. Simply, just put your mouse pointer on the desired image and then right click your mouse
  3. Choose the desired folder and wait until your image automatically download
  4. Another step is just find the download button under desired image and click this button. You will get a new window and your image will automatically download

Personalize your invitation 

You can personalise your invitation by using some photo editor such as canva, photo shop, CoralDraw and so on. Then, start for editing and adding some words or ornaments. Don’t forget to complete your party information as I said above. Next, when you are done you can go to the nearest print shop or prepare your printer. You can use any kind of stock paper. However, if you can’t use those applications, you can simply use MS.word, Ms point, paint or you can just print it without do editing then start to decorate your invitation with pens or markers. 

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