Free Printable Skateboarding Invitation Template

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Skate board is one of the equipment for skateboarding. Skateboarding is an action sport that really fun and energetic. It involves riding and need performing tricks to make it more artistic. It also one of the recreational activity. Skateboarding can be played by girls or boy. Usually, they like this activity like hobby. so, if skateboarding is one of your hobby, how about take it as party theme idea? This skateboarding theme will make your party look attractive and unusual. 

If we are talking about skateboarding party, we can’t talk about its invitation. Maybe, there are a million store that can sell an invitation but it might hard to find an invitation that match with your theme. so, this sport activity was inspiring us to design an skate boarding invitation template. We offer six different patterns so you will have many options.we do our best by designing a good quality resolution image. Yup, we ensure that our template has high resolution so you won’t find the blurry image. also, we provide a blank space in every image to make you easier to wrote down your party details information. The designs are cool with the skate boarding place background with different characters. Anyway, you can get them all instead of one.

If you are still don’t get any idea about how to get this template. Don’t worry we will help you. Here are the guidance

  1. After you select your favourite template, you can find the blue button under your image and then click this blue button. You will get into a new window and it means your download is automatically start
  2. When you can’t see the blue save download button, you can put your mouse pointer on the desired image and right clicking your mouse. Then store your image in a folder

Personalize your invitation

This template need to customize before you send it out. You can personalise your invitation by editing in software or just doing manually with pens or markers. If you can operate soft ware editor, you can simple use it and start for adding some words, ornaments and change the font size and colour. 

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