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What is more exhilarate than birthday party? When we were one year old and growing up, our parent felt happier than ever. It continues when we are turning 7, 8,9 and more. In this special event, I want to celebrate my birthday together with all of you. Let’s have the great party and do many things during the activity.

Do you like Elmo, big bird, cookie monster? I really love them since I found a channel had the TV series “Sesame Street”. My father ever told me that he watched the film too when he was kid. At that time, I know that the series is old enough. Anyhow, I keep loving them.


My favorite character in Sesame Street is Elmo. He is fascinating, funny and smart. That fluffy red doll always made me laughing loudly. The more I watch, the less I feel lonely. Even the TV series is end, I ask my mother to download the video. In my holiday, I watch the video again and again.

I bet you feel amazed looking my room. I color my wall in yellow. There are lots of colorful balloons you may have. I stick Elmo and cookie monster picture on it. Don’t worry, it won’t pop the balloon since I made it from soft paper.

During the party, we will play some games like Find Elmo, Pop The Cookie Monster and Fly the Big Bird. I cannot wait any longer to your coming here on:

Date : April 14, 2017

Time: 4 p.m.

Address: Thomas Nolan Kaszas II, 5322 Otter Lane Middleberge FL 32068

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