Free Printable Rick and Morty Invitation Templates

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Have you ever watched Rick and Morty ? It is an American adult animated series science fiction. Rick is a scientist  who gets his grandson into his scientist world. This series was released on 2 December, 2013 and became popular in adult. Rick and Morty take us to science fiction adventure. So, if you are a fans of science fiction or you wanna be a scientist , this theme will be match with you.

Free printable Rick and Morty Invitation Templates

We prepare some Rick and Morty invitation templates for you. This scientist inspired us to make these invitation!. There are six patterns you can choose based on your preference. Of course, we understand what you want, yap.. these templates are definitely free! :D.

It has scien-fi background with white metal ornament board. This board has a function as your space to write. Actually, these templates come in landscape jpeg  format and standard size about 5 x 7 inch but you can resize it later in your photo editor if you don’t mind. 

Don’t forget the decoration. You can make your party like science party or laboratory party. fake Test tube, brain replication, fake chemical compound, space travel banner and so on. You can add some fun activities too to make your party more attractive. 

How To get These Templates

  1. Select your favourite Rick and Morty invitation templates on
  2. Click the blue botton under its image and it will be automatically download
  3. If you didn’t find this button, you can simply right click on your mouse and choose save image as

How To Use These Templates

  1. You can customise it on your photo editor such as paint or you can use Microsoft Word to make it simple. 
  2. Write down your party details such as name, date, plate, time and your contact rsvp.
  3. Make sure your printer cartridge an dprint your invitation. I’d like to suggest for using the card stock paper for the best printing. 
  4. Anyway, you can directly print this invitation without editing on photo editor app. If you don’t do editing, you can write your word directly with marker/crayon/pen after you print it. 

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