Free Printable PUBG Invitation Template

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Hello moms and dads. Are you planning a party for your lovely son or daughter ? If you are looking for party theme how about adapt PUBG and transform this game into your party, so we make PUBG party!. Your son or daughter will love it especially if he/she is a huge fans of this game, this theme will be perfect for him/her. So, let’s battle in PUBG party!

Since this game is so popular especially among teens. So, we decided to make PUBG invitation design template and we will share it for you. Don’t worry, this invitation is free for download. So, you will save more money because you don’t need to spend too much for an invitation.

All you have to do is just prepare your gadget, prepare your printer (you can go to the nearest print shop) and make sure you have an internet connection and photo editor tools. There are six design which has different character. Every design is so unique and pretty. We always provide a blank space so you can write down your words in here. It also has a high quality resolution so you can say bye bye to the blurry image. Here is the example of wording invitation




ANDREW ST. 108, AT 5 P.M

RSVP TO 89650

Follow our instructions to get this template

  1. Click the download button under your desired template and then your image will automatically save
  2. If you can’t find this button, just put your pointer on the image and right click your mouse until you find save image as
  3. When you are done, you can run and operate your photo editor such as photo shop and start for editing. Don’t forget to write down your party details information and select the perfect font and please put the attention to the font size. It shouldn’t too big or too small
  4. When you are done in editing, you can prepare your printer and make sure your cartridge ink then print your personalise invitation. We would like to suggest for using heavy paper like card stock.

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