Free Printable Ornate Disney Princesses Invitation

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You love disney and going to have birthday party. So, why don’t you take Disney’s princess as party theme? Of course it addresses to you, girls. As we know, Disney has lots of ornate princesses. Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Bella and many others. Celebrating birthday in princess’s costume would be hilarious.

Here is a free printable ornate Disney princesses that comes in two formats. Both of them offers an easy printing.

When you choose the JPEG, it gives you good effect since it prints like you did in photos. It is really clear and looks like the original file.


It is different if you use the PDF one. Although its result is not too clear, but it gives you a flash speed. You may set a number of cards in the paper. So it is possible for you to have 2-4 cards in a sheet of paper. Later, you need to cut all of them by using scissor. Compare with the JPEG has, one paper consists of one imvitation cards.

After finishing all the cards, fulfill the text available there. It said “You are cordially invited to the birthday celebration of…”. Write down your name below those sentence. Then give the date, time and place for when and where your party be held.

Use colorful markers to beautify the card. It os possible for you to put it in the envelope and gives stickers on it.

Prepare the best dishes for your guests. Birthday cake or cupcake is a must in birthday party. Have a great moment.

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