Free Printable Ninja Turtle Birthday Invitations

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Best years are yet to come! Let’s have fun and celebrate a bit. Howdy everyone, if you are still confused how to arrange your kids birthday party, this will be the right article for you. I am going to give you some tips and ideas about how to create turtles birthday.


Ask your boy, what he wants for the birthday party. Ask him to help with the home decorations. When celebrating the birthday party, it would be better if your kids could wear a cloth to cover your eyes and probably bring fake swords. You can also have green face paint so you can face paint all the boys who come to the party later.

You can use action figure we will use to decorate your party. Prepare as many green ballons as you can. You can also draw a face on the balloons. You can also invite a clown to perform and do some magic in your party. This will keep the kids laughing and entertained.

You should provide some ice breaker games to make everyone closer to each other and bring energy to the party. Some ice breaker your kids can play are human bingo, guess the name, or two truths and a lie. Ask the kids to engange in the game, if they are win you can give them some interesting gift.


Lastly, prepare souvernir for everyone to bring home. You can give the kids ninja turtles toys or t-shirt with the birthday photo for everyone, so they will remember the party forever.


That is all for the birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your son birthday party!



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