Free Printable My Little Pony Invitation Template

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Hello everyone!

This month Felicia is turning 6. She loves pony very much. When you see her room, there are many pony’s collection such as stationary, bed cover, wardrobe and clothes. Little pony is a kind of small horse which has long pony. Usually, they have rainbow colors in its pony and tail. They come in various colors such as light blue, pink, cream and green. In fact, kids like this cartoon character very much.


For getting wonderful birthday party, Felicia asks her mother to invite all her friends. Celebrating birthday would be meaningful by the presence of friends. Thus, her mother use this free printable My Little Pony invitation template. It is simple and stay charming for kid’s birthday.

The advantage of this free printable template is the format. It comes in two kind of file type, the JPEG and PDF. These options give you easiness to print it out. When you choose the JPEG, you will find the best image like you print a photo. But you have to be patient since its process is slowly. You need extra time to finish all the cards.

While you use the PDF, it is the quick option you have. This kind of format offers flexible setting of the paper. You may get many cards in one paper.

Using a white cardstock paper for more sturdy and authentic invitation card. After you get all the cards, fulfill it by writing the date, time, and place. It is possible for you to stick labels on the cards. Have a great party.

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