Free Printable Monkey Birthday Invitations

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A lot of cake, a lot of fun. Kids all around jump and shout. Hello everyone, does your kids like to pretend they are little monkey? I am going to give you ideas about monkey birthday party.


Tell your kids to put away their books and prepare for their birthday party. You can prepare pen and paper then sit down and brainstorm with your kids about their birthday party. You need to prepare about decorations, souvernir, clown and ice breaker games. You can prepare monkey mask for the kids to wear. You can also use monkey sticker for your home decorations.

Prepare some ice breaker games to keep everyone entertaining and play with each other at the party. You can play jungle bingo or monkey see monkeys do. This is will bring some energy and excitement for kids at the party.

You can also invite a man to wear monkey costume to the party. Tell him to engange and sing along with the kids.


You can celebrate your kids birthday at restaurant or at home, it’s your choice. If you celebrate it at restaurant, you can can pick the food from the menu. Don’t forget to prepare yellow or maybe brown cake for your kid. If you decide to celebrate it at home, prepare some dessert, sweets and another special treats like monkey chocolate for everyone to celebrate the party. Don’t forget to prepare the main food like barbeque grill.


That’s all the ideas for your son monkey’s birthday party. Good luck preparing your son awesome party!


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