Free Printable Moana Birthday Template

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Let sea set you free

Louise likes going to sea very much. When she was kid, every weekend is her special day to be there. Little Louise always plays sand and looks for shells. Sometimes she brings it back home put in the bottle.

Many films talking about sea is her favorite such as Little Mermaid and Moana. The best movie for her is Moana. Its film told us to be ourself. Now, little Louise is growing up and turning 10 this month. She wants to celebrate her birthday party in her swimming pool. It is not big enough, but you can have amazing party. You can swim or just sit in the edge of the pool.


Before starting the event, she prepares the invitation card using this free printable Moana birthday template. She got this file in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. Both of them offer easiness to print it out. She loves the design very much since it draws Moana there.

This card has bright colors. The sea background makes it pretty to be just an invitatiom card. It is possible for you to print in two ways. The difference only is on the printing duration.

For you who wants to save energy, printing through PDF is the best option. Besides, you can set the size and the number of cards in the paper. Using this free printable template will give you extra energy. You need to fulfill it by writing the date, time and place where you hold the party. Colorful markers is recommended for you. Happy trying.

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