Free Printable Moana Birthday Invitation

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Celebrate your birthday party with Moana. Here is a special free printable Moana birthday invitation. It comes in two formats that will ease you to prepare the party. Moana, a spirit teenager, gave her life to save her people in the island. Be a brave girl as Moana did.


This free printable card is very flexible to use because it has two different formats. The first one is JPEG. You may print as many as you want. Then write down your name on it. For you who love drawing, it is the best media to be creative. Draw anything in this blank card. It is specially designed to you to write and draw anything here. Use colorful markers to beautify your card invitation.

The second format is PDF, sized in 5×7 inches. A sheet of paper contains two invitation cards. After printing it out, cut in half by using scissors. Be tidy and carefully to save the card.

For authentic and sturdy Moana invitation card, use a white cardstock paper. It gives sharp images as the file precisely. Make sure that you do not print lots of cards in one time sinve it just makes your printer out of ink.

Don’t forget to complete your birthday party by decorating the room, plates, napkins and glasses. This free printable card is bright and clear. You may have colorful balloons such as in red, green, blue and yellow. Your birthday party will be more cheerful by having Moana birthday cake. Enjoy the party and happy birthday.

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