Free Printable Minnie Mouse Head Invitation Template

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Red-dots dress

White gloves

Yellow shoes

Guess, who is she?

If you like to watch Disney movie, you will know this character. She comes together with Mickey Mouse. Yup, she is Minnie the Mouse. A pretty mouse that is loved by Mickey.

Here is a free printable Minnis Mouse invitation template for your upcoming birthday party. It is specially designed for you who fond of Minnie Mouse. This file comes in two formats, JPEG and PDF. These formats gives you easiness in printing.


The JPEG offers a sharp image than other format. It has a high resolution like you print photos. But, it needs long time to finish one card. So, if you have limited time preparing your birthday, start your work a week before.

While you choose the PDF one, you may save extra time because it offers you quick works. You can set the number of cards in one paper. Thus, you will have several invitation cards in a sheet of paper. Cut in half or one forth as the setting you have. Use scissor to get tidy result.

After finishing all the cards, write down your name. Give information to your guest about the date, time and place for when and where the party will be held. Use colorful markers and pens to beautify the cards.

This birthday party would be wonderful if you print a Minnie’s headcraft. Make it simple and give inside the invitation card. It is better for you to put all of them in an envelope. Happy working.

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