Free Printable Maleficent Invitation Templates

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Have you watched Malaficent ?. Maleficent 1 was released in 2014 and last year there was sequel of maleficent which is Maleficent mistress of evil. It is an American dark fantasy which very popular among days and become everyone’s favourite. Maleficent is a kind-hearted and powerful fairy but after she is deceived by the love of her life, she turn into the dark side and places curse on Aurora. So, how about you? Do you love this movie ? If the answer is yes, maleficent can inspired us as our party theme. You can use this theme not only for celebrate your birthday but also for halloween party. 

Free Printable Maleficent Invitation Templates

We share free printable Maleficent invitation templates with you guys. So, you don’t need to go somewhere to find an invitation and can make it from your home. We just need PC/gadget, printer and internet connection. Another advantage is that this template is totally free! No cost yuhuu. So you can save more money for another party budget such as you can allocate it into meal or decoration budget. Plus, we offer six different pretty templates with different characters. This template has maleficent fairy forest with the blank space in the centre. Don’t forget to write down your party detail information and boost your creativity . This template has standard size but don’t worry if you want to resize this template, it is okay you can resize on photo editor app such as canva or photoshop. Plus, you can add some ornaments on your invitation  to make it more luxurious.







How To Get These Templates

It Is super easy. What you gotta do is just prepare your gadget and browse Maleficent invitation template on After you determine which one is your favourite, you can move your pointer on your desired image and right click your mouse until you find “save image as”. Then, wait it for a seconds and voila your template is ready to use. In other hand, if you find the blue save button under your favourite image you can directly click and your image will automatically download.

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