Free Printable Little Monsters Birthday Invitation

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Do you think monsters is frightening? I did so, long time ago. When I was 3 years old, I am afraid of monsters. My brother always scary me. He threw out his favorite monsters doll to me. Anyhow, it won’t happen again. I plan to use these theme to enliven my birthday party.

This month, I am turning 10. My parent think I am able to do anything in this age. They believe I am stronger than before. So, they agree when I ask them to have birthday party. It is special moment since I never celebrate my birthday with my friends and do many things during the party. That is why, I hope you accept my invitation.

You will see pretty invitation card sent to you. My brother designs the card. He said it is his apology for the naughtiness many years ago. He started the project two weeks ago making this invitation card. I like balloon, so he gave this picture if balloon in my card.


My mother great in cooking. She asks me whether I want birthday cake or cupcakes? I love eating both of them. She agreed to make me those kind of cakes. You may enjoy my mom’s cake and I bet you want more and more.

Beside the dishes, I also prepare party’s merchandise. I make by my own the monster’ hat, it will tone up the party. I am waiting for your coming on:

Date : April 21, 2017

Time: 10 a.m.

Address: Thomas Nolan Kaszas 5322 Otter Ln Middleberge FL 32068

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