Free printable Lego Invitation Template

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Hello guys, we offer your favourite theme. Yes, it’s lego time!. If you are planning a party you can choose lego as your party theme since this educational toy is very popular and suitable for all ages. Everyone can plays a lego even kids or young adults. So, here we go . You can browse our lego invitation collection below

As you can see, we offer six different lego invitations. The designs are so pretty and unique. Plus, it has full HD quality so you will get the best image without blurry version. This invitation also come in jPEG format which make it easier to use and customize. It has lego city block as for background. This invitation also come in blank space so you can write down your words. We have some simple inspirations for your lego party

  1. Try to make inexpensive party. Yup, party isn’t always to be expensive. There are plenty of ideas in the internet that give us inspiration for DIY stuffs. Through this way, we can save more money and don’t spend  too much. Plus, it is more sustainable and environmental friendly because we can reuse some materials and remake it as our decoration
  2. Simple but elegant. Your decoration can be simple but elegant. You have to decorate your room but as far we know, kids don’t put too much attention in decoration they prefer for paying attention in fun activities rather than decoration but of course you still have to decorate it to impress your guests and relatives and make your kids happy. For decorations such as table cloth, napkins, etc. you can buy  in party supplies.
  3. Customize your invitation. Invitation is a crucial item that must have in a party. You can save your invitation budget if you customize your own invitation design. Don’t  worry, we provide six different lego invitation templates and you can personalise it by using photo editor software. Plus, you can download Lego font in the internet and use this font to make your invitation like the real Lego. All you have to do is just download the template on our website and start to customize.

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