Free-Printable Lego Birthday Invitation

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Hello guys, next week is Sam’s birthday. He is turning 8 this month. We are happy to invite you celebrating his party.

Sam loves playing Lego very much. He has many Lego collections on his play box. Lego helps him to be creative by designing minaret, train and various building. Colorful block of Legos interest him to find new objects to be made.


When you join his party, we will give you a Lego’s pin. Apply this thing on your clothes as an identity and start the party. Show your best voice by singing Happy Birthday’s song for Sam. We all wish many good things in Sam’s life. Enjoy the candies and decorated Lego cupcakes we serve. As you know, Sam choose by his own for the dishes.

We plan to conduct barbeque party aafter blewing out the candle. Feel free to have the meat and grill it until cooked.

Dont worry to be bored. We have many games you can play. Sing your favorite song as the gift for Sam. He will show you his best talent on singing.

Get the merchandise in Sam’s party. He prepares decorated watch Lego for everyone there. He wants all of you to be happy joining this event and let this friendship being well forever.

You are pleased to come to Ivory’s house, as Sam’s mother on:

Date : February 12, 2017

Time : 3 p.m.

Address: Downstreet Avenue 7th, Manhattan

We can’t wait welcoming you to come to Sam’s birthday. Celebrate this event together and it will be his happiness ever.

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