Free Printable Laser Tag Invitation Template

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Have you ever played laser tag ? It is a recreational sport game where the players use light guns  and tag other player or the targets with infrared beams. The players usually use an infrared-sensitive signaling devices and sometime it’s integrated with the arena. Is look so fun ? How about bring this fun activities into your party ? I bet, your party will look so interesting and anti-boring. 

actually, we have designed invitation template which relate with this game. We offer six different templates which has different character. We use black as a background and there is a space for you to write down your party detail explanation. The designs are so simple but pretty cool. This invitation come in jpeg format and landscape version. also, this template is editable. yup, you can edit and customize your own invitation. If you prefer hand-writing invitation, you can write your wording invitation with some markers and pens or crayons. We suggest to combine some neon colour as your decoration such as blue, green , yellow and red. As we know that laser tag is identical with those colours so let’s make it!. Here is the example of wording invitation 

Game on 

You have been targeted for come to 

Jack’s 10th laser tag birthday party

Let’s come and play together

Giordane Sport center , 6 april 2020


RSVP to 6783-8569

Don’t forget to decorate your room and prepare some fun games and fun activities. There is a lot of inspiration on the internet you can choose based on your preference that suitable with your party. 

How to download this free printable laser tag template

  1. Find the blue button under your selected image
  2. Click this button and wait for a seconds
  3. When you can’t find this button, you can put your pointer on the image and click save image as

How to use this template

It’s very easy guys. First, you have to open your photo editor app and then upload your template in there. next, you can start for editing. You can start from title, name, place and date. Then choose the perfect font, colour and size. when you are finished, you can print it

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