FREE Printable Justice League Invitation templates – Party ideas too!


ever since all these superhero movies started coming out ,my son Chad has been crazy about the justice League. his seventh birthday is coming up so I knew I had to throw him a Bruce Wayne level party and with a little help from Dolanpedia web. it was easy to create an amazing party that was superhero approved to unite the legendary team we had to invite the guests I was able to make custom invitations with Chad’s name at Dolanpedia web. You can download the invitations here for free.

they were quick and easy to design. Before we sent them out, my little Superman helped me add Justice League confetti and tattoos as a surprise for the guests we even asked Chad’s friends to come to the party.

Dressed as their favorite superheroes while we were waiting for the Justice League to assemble, we easily filled favorite cups using a favor pack plus a few extra goodies like tattoos and pencils. Then we started to plan our legendary room decoration for our next mission. We turned the party room into the Justice League headquarters, I found so many decorations and color choices at Party City web.

I found Justice League hanging swirl decorations and balloons in no time. I even made this custom banner with Chad’s picture on it to make him feel super on his big day. I gave him the Superman muscle shirt and case he wouldn’t stop flexing and pretending to fly around when his friends showed up they couldn’t believe their eyes we handed out Justice League masks to each guest as they arrived. After they put the mask on they looked like the real Justice League everyone was super excited and started to practice their new powers after checking out the party ideas online.

I found this perfect way to capture our heroic Bay I created this easy photo op for all the kids all I had to do was place a balloon bouquet near the Justice League team center with giant lighting balloons on the side. The backdrops made everyone feel like they were being photographed by the Daily Planet.

After saving the world next up for the superhero crew was a couple of party games and the first task was to help the heroes find their symbols. I blindfolded the kids as they took turns pinning symbols on the poster victory Donny was the closest and won the Justice League ribbon after the game. I brought all the little superheroes over to the pinata which was filled with goodies everyone took turns pulling strings with super strength. when the right string was pulled it was a race to see how much they could collect and their Justice League bucket.

Saving the world can make you hungry so I knew it was time for the kids to eat I had out the table for the occasion with official justice league tableware and blowouts. I even decorated the chairs to look like Chad’s favorite heroes I found the idea online which included justice week’s world decorations with images of the superhero icon.

Everyone loved the cupcakes and made them with icing in the colours of Superman Batman the flash and Green Lantern with cool Batman picks and put them on a Batman cupcake stand Chad got his own jumbo cupcakes with matching candles when it was time to go home Chad handed out the Justice League favorite cups and sent everyone home with a heroic smile on their face whether you’re going all out or partying on a budget Dolanpedia web’s huge selection allows you to throw a party fit for a super hero.

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