Free Printable Gold Glitter 30th Birthday Invitation

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What is the happiest thing in your life? Celebrating birthday would be the most wonderful moment for everyone. But, is it okay to have it in thirty years old? What’s the matter then? Birthday can be a symbol of your growing up. Not just child, adult is no problem holding a party. Besides, birthday party is a kind of your way to be grateful to God.


Now you do not need to be confused preparing the party. The first step you have to do is inviting your families and friends. It is possible to invite them by message. But, hey, giving invitation card would be nice. Here is a special free printable gold glitter 30th birthday invitation template. It comes in two formats, JPEG and PDF, that will ease you print it out.

So, what should you choose to print the file? I will give some of the advantages for each of it. If you print in JPEG format, you will get authetinc image. It needs extra time to finish all the card since you cannot set the number of cards in a sheet of paper. This card has 5×7 inches in size.

While you print in PDF, you can save extra time. Beside setting the number, you also may change the size. How easy option, isn’t it?

After finishing all the cards, fulfill it by writing down the date, time and place where you hold the party. Use gold markers to fit this invitation card theme. Have a nice try and happy birthday.

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