Free Printable Finding Nemo Birthday Invitation

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Do you like birthday party? Let’s join this event on Sunday morning. But, wait, who has birthday? Yup, you are right. Tio is turning 10. On this special event, he would like to invite you to his party.

What do you like to do on Sunday morning? Taking a walk? Going to museum? Or swimming? If the last choice is your favorite, it will be our good news. Tio likes collection Finding Nemo’s merchandise. So, in his party, you will find decorating view with such character.


Tio holds the party on his swimming pool at home. Size is not the problem, because we should enjoy this togetherness. Wear your best costume and start the party. Then take our merchandise of Finding Nemo’s glass after the party ends.

We have games for you. It is about throwing the ball, bursting balloon and eating chips. Don’t worry, you may ask your parents or siblings. We also prepare guards for you as we know all of you are still kids.

What’s next? Enjoy the candies, snacks and cupcakes we’ve set aside. Since we are Japanese food lover, you can eat sushi and mochi. Feel free to taste the food we’ve cooked by ourself. The sushi is made by special fish you can’t find here.

This event will be on:

Date : February 19, 2017

Time : 9 a.m.

Address: 75 N. Bohemia Drive
Yorktown, New York City 23693

For the last, we are welcoming you to come to Tio’s birthday party next week. Please don’tbe late for the activity is very fun.

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