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Hi folks! What do you have planned for today? Ah Okay, I hope you’re doing great and as always – stay positive and bring the good vibe dudes!. Anyway, last week I promised you to include my personal story behind my collections, so today I will grant your wish folks!!. This story was took approximately a month ago, my little sister has a son named Alex, he will be turning 7 in the next Friday – what a perfect time to host a party right? Absolutely. Fortunately, he really wanted to have an epic intergalactic concept in his party, so Anna (my sister) comes with a “light bulb” over her head and she imagine to have an epic Star Wars celebration.

Free Printable Star Wars Templates With BB-8

So I decided to help my sister to plan her kid’s birthday party. First thing first, I do make a couple list of “what I have to do”, tho it sounds great – but at the end I did some boo-boos (lol). Here are few things that I did to make it an epic star wars party,

  1. Matching-matching. List everything in your house that can be used or matched with star wars party, such as linen black curtain, straw, unused paper, light stick, broomstick (sorry :D). You can use these items and spray them with dark-space colors.
  2. Designing Invitation card. You can skip these one, because we already made a good one for you. Dark space colored background with catchy zigzag pattern, as well as the storm topper, BB-8 robot, wampa will decorate each sides of the card. In addition, without sacrificing any details, you can write down your party detail in our designated place.
  3. Food & Decoration. For this one, I suggest you to do it together with your friends, because you will need someone hand, otherwise you will find it hard to make-find-décor by yourself and it could be pretty messed up like what I’ve done before :D.

Free Printable Star Wars Templates


Free Printable Star Wars Templates With Storm Tropper

Free Printable Star Wars Templates With Star Wars Logo and Text Box


Free Printable Star Wars Templates With White Storm Strooper and Zigzag Background


Free Printable Star Wars Templates With BB-8 Robot


Free Printable Star Wars Templates With Wampas

Download Instructions

  • Move your mouse pointer underneath each template
  • Click the download button – Locate where the template files are going to be placed in your device.
  • Tap “Enter” and now the download process will begin shortly.
  • Just in case, if the download process is not begin yet – Click the “Click here”.
  • To customize this template, you are gonna need Microsoft Word or Paint.
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