Free Printable Emma Watson Beauty and The Beast Invitation

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Wanna be a princess?

Make your dream comes true. In a special event, you may be a princess all day long, such as Belle in Beauty and The Beast movie. A beautiful humble brave girl tried to help the cursed prince. Her effort gives happiness in the end. They got happily life ever after.

Belle was wearing yellow gown when dancing with the prince. Then you have to get at least the almost-similar gown like Belle wore. Don’t forget to wear the yellow gloves and shoes. Amaze your guest with that outfit.

The next preparation is getting the invitation card. Here is the Emma Watson Beauty and The Beast invitation template. It looks glamorous. The black background is contrasted to Emma’s outfit.


This template comes in two formats, the JPEG and the PDF. Both of them give easiness in printing. Even, the JPEG has sharper image than the PDF. It prints the picture like you did to photos. It is really authentic to the file. Unfortunately, it takes long time to finish several cards.

For you who wants to finish it quickly, use the PDF formats because it gives you a flash speed. You may set a number of cards in a paper. It means, you got 2-4 cards in a paper. Cut in half or one forth as your setting has. I recommend you to use a white cardstock paper since it gives more authentic result.

Complete your party by having Belle’s birthday cake. Ask your guest to wear their princess costume.

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