Free Printable Elmo Invitation Templates

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Does your kids love to watch Elmo from sesame street? if the answers is yes, you can use Elmo as your child’s party theme. The party will be dominant in red colour and it will looks so cute. If you are still confused about what you have to do to plan a party, I will help you with some advices, which are:

  1. First of all, you better to plan a budget and stick with it. It is one of the most important thing to prevent loss control in financial. Your party doesn’t have to be fancy,  It is okay if you don’t allocate too much money in your party budget because the most important thing is how to make a memorable event for your lovely child. You can write your budget in a piece of paper or you can use party planner budget book
  2. Next, you have to decide where the party will be held. Is it in your house, school,  hall, park or garden? It is up to you, choose the perfect one! Plus, don’t forget to review your budget.
  3. Then, make sure your decoration and stuff are matching with the theme. In here, you decided to celebrate your child’s party with Elmo. So, the hats, dress code,   and invitation must be dominant in red and Elmo character. To make it easier and unique, you can get free printable Elmo invitation for free in so, you can personalised and customize your invitation make it more amazing.
  4. Last, the invitation should be delivered as soon as possible.


Free Printable Elmo Invitation Templates









How to use these Free Printable Elmo Invitation Templates 

No need too much effort to get your personalized invitation. Here are the keys

  1. First, go to and browse your favourite template
  2. Click the blueshape bottom or click “save image as” and your template will be automatically download , ready to save in your Pc or gadget
  3. If you can operate  photo editor such as canva, coral draw or photoshop, you can customize and change the font color but it is okay if you want to write it down with marker or pen . Finally, your invitation ready to go

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