Free Printable dr.Seuss Twin Birthday Invitation

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Hello everyone! May God bless you all the day. It is our month. We thank to God because we are twin. My brother, Keith is planning to have birthday party. Yes, next week we are turning 10. In this special event, we want to have one of Dr. Seuss’s art in “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”. Since we were 2 years old, our parent read aloud the story of Dr. Seuss before going to bed. We love all the story he made. We bet, he is the best children’s book author at that time.


Sometimes, we read back the story of Dr. Seuss. Our collections is complete, from his first work until his masterpiece. When some of his story is filmed, we watch it again and again. Almost all of his art is interesting and unique.

To have the fantastic party, we prepare all everything, the cake, decorations and hats. Yeah, we plan to make hats by our own. My mother likes cooking, she will make birthday cake and cupcakes in Dr. Seuss themed. That is why we choose red and blue in this party. You will find our wallpaper in those colors. We stick many stickers on the wall to enliven the party.

During the party, we ask you to play some games, such as balloon war, captain is calling and boom chicka boom. What are you waiting for? Let’s come to our house on:

Date: February 14, 2017

Time: 4.p.m.

Address: Tegelbacken 4, PO Box 16 129,S-103 23 Stockholm, Sweden

We are gladly to welcome you to this birthday party. Please be on time.

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