Free Printable Dinosaur Invitation Template

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If you are going to plan a birthday party, dinosaur theme will be a great idea. Since most kids are quite familiar with this ancient animal plus with dinosaur theme you are not only celebrate your kid’s party but also introduce them for some ancient animal such as dinosaur. As we know that dinosaur were extinct ancient animals so it’s our duty to introduce and help them to learn some ancient animal. 

Let’s start with decoration. You can add some dinosaur stuffs and choose jurassic jungle as your background or backdrop then put some dinosaurs animal such as Tyrex, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Cerapods and so on. Furthermore you can use rainforest as your backdrop. Next, You can customize the birthday cake with dinosaur on top or volcano cake. Then you can combine green and white balloons as your decoration. Don’t forget to set the tableware with feature ancient ages and dinosaurs. To make it more fun you can add some activities which relate with this ancient animal such as you can show them short movie/documenter about dinosaur or showing the land before time cartoon. Anyway, if we are talking about the land before land, this cartoon inspired us to make dinosaur cartoon with its character. They are Spike, Petrie, Little foot, Ducky, Chomper and Cera. The design look so pretty and adorable without creepy. It is suitable for all ages especially kids. furthermore, our design is free! So it will save your budget for an invitation and it is very easy to use. You can check our design below 

How to use this template

It’s very simple and quick guys. All you have to do is just find the blue button under your desired dinosaur image then click this button. Then, it will bring you into the next window and your download will automatically process. however, if you can’t find the blue button, you can simply move your mouse pointer and then right click your mouse. You’ll see some options and of of them is save image as. Click then follow the instruction. In a few seconds your image will start to download. 

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