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Is your kid a dino-holic? Really? Then throw a prehistoric dinosaur birthday bash for your little T-Rex, adore him/her with our Dinosaur party guides. Everyone loves Dinosaur, who doesn’t enjoy to see such legendary creatures, right? Which is approximately live in Earth 1 million years ago. Despite the fact that Dinosaur has earned all the spotlight for the past few years, a teeth-clashing chomp party still and will always captivate every invited guests with its Mystery and Magical aspect. So without further ado, we’ve already designed an iconic Prehistoric-inspired invitation card for you and let’s brings back the iconic Prehistoric era!.

Your little archeologist will be very happy to see when you brings such hearty-roar party into your own Dino camp. Anyway, invite all your little archeologist’s acquaintance with our latest invitations, it comes in six different options – so you can pick the one that suit your taste well. Despite that, such Enormous and Vigorous T-Rex, Styracosaurus and The iconic giant fur, Mammoth will adorn the invitation along with a designated place for you to write down your party details.

Free Printable Dinosaur Templates Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With T-rex


Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With Jurassic Background

Additional Tips

For wording, you can get a little inspirations from Internet, add some rhyme words will be good to go. Here is an example of such invitation wording and feel free to use it in your template,

Stomp, Chomp

Vigorous Growl & Hearty Roar

James Is Turning Four!

Join Us For A Dino-Holic &

Little Archeologist Birthday Party


Prehistoric Arena, 123 Ave Texas

May 27th | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

RSVP 123.456.789

Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With Styracosaurus


Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With Flying Dino


Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With Text Box and Iguanodone


Free Printable Dinosaur Templates With Giant Mammoth

For printing material, there are two basic paper, Card-stock paper and Text paper. You can pick the card stock paper, this will remind you of a post card and wedding invitation card (sturdy, and doesn’t bent as easily as the text paper). It also comes in various weights, between 45-200 lbs.

How To Download

Can’t wait to have them? Just click the download button (Underneath each templates) – a new page will be popped up, then the download process will begin shortly. Just in case the download won’t start immediately, move you mouse pointer onto “Click here” and left-click them up to save it into your computer.

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