Free Printable Despicable Me Invitation Templates

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Do you still remember Gru and Agnes ? yapp, they are from despicable me movie ! This movie was released in 2010. Gru is a super villain who adopt three little girl as pawns to carry out the biggest heist in history. However, at the end they end up with a strong bond as a family and Gru become a real father for his children. Plus, there are minions ! Who loves minions? The yellow little creature who loves banana so much. They are cute, hard worker and faithful. By the way, since despicable me is one of popular cartoon movie. So, how if we make despicable me party and let minions celebrate your special day , is it sounds good right ?

Don’t worry about the invitation! You jump into the right place ! We already made despicable me invitation templates for you and it is totally free! No cost, no charge, no hassle wohoo. plus, we offer six different characters. Say hello to Gru, Agnes, Minions, Margo and Edith. Which one your favourite?. These templates have pretty despicable me background with the white frame in the centre. So, you can write your words later. 


How To Get These Templates 

Simplify, just move your pointer under the image and then click the blue shape button . Just wait for a second until your image automatically download into your computer  or if you couldn’t find the blue shape button you can right click your mouse and then choose “save image as” and folder.

How To Use These Templates

Don’t worry, it is super easy. There are two ways to use these templates. First, you can edit your image on your photo editor app and then choose the perfect font and edit the colour. You can resize the size too. actually, these templates have standard size which are 5×7’’. After you have finished your editing. You can print it with cardstock paper and your invitation is ready to deliver!. Oh the other hand, if you don’t have photo editor app, you can print your image as soon as possible after you download it and then write your words with pen or crayon. 

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