FREE Printable Cute Animals Farm Invitation Template

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OMG Guys, can you guess what are we offering now? yup, it is a cute livestock animal which will impress your kids and if you are going to celebrate your kids birthday you can choose farm as your theme. Why ? Beside it’s a cute theme you can also introduce livestock animal to your child such as dairy cow, beef cattle, pig and rabbit. You can make a educational party so your party will so unique and different from others. 

This livestock animals inspired us to design an invitation template and takes the animals as our invitation theme. The design are so cute and adorable with farm background view. There are six different animals which pig, rabbit, mouse, horse, cow and chicken. I bet, most kids love these animals. So, it might hard to decide :p. Our template come in 5 x 7 inch landscape and jPEG format. So, you can resize and it is an editable version. Another benefit by downloading this template on our website is you can save your energy since you don’t need to go outside, just work from your place right now. Plus, our template is so unique and nice you might not find it on another places.

How to get this free printable template

  1. Find the download button under your image
  2. Click this button and wait for a seconds until you get a new window. Then, it will automatically save in your PC
  3. However, you can also put your mouse pointer on the desired image then right click and choose “save image as”. Choose the desired folder and it’s ready too keep

Customize your own invitation

Your invitation is not finish yet. You need to customise and edit it. If you can operate photo editor you can upload or import your template to those app. You can use canva since it’s the simple one. However, you can use your MS.word for editing. Don’t forget to complete your party details information like bame, address, date and time. Also tell your guest, if you have a dress code. When you are done, you can print it using printer

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