Free Printable Curious George Colorful Invitation

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Monkey see, Monkey do!

Hello everyone. George is turning seven. In this special event, he wants you all to come and join his party. Enjoy the extraordinary party because George decorate his park like a jungle. Experience the treasure hunt as you know in the cartoon movie.

George likes to watch Curious George movie. This TV serial takes his attention since he was five. At that time, his mommy accidentally turned the channel to cartoon movie. Curious George was there. Little George fell in love with that cute monkey which its name is also George.


George’s parent help him to prepare the party. They won’t him feel disappointed because it does not run well. The first thing they do is getting the invitation card. What could be better than designed invitation cards? They use this free printable curious george colorful invitation template to complete the party.

It has bright color and come in two formats. Both of them offers easiness of printing. The JPEG gives authentic image as the file has. But, it takes long time. Therefore, it needs extra time to finish all the cards.

Conversely, the PDF offers flash speed. It is fit for you who want to save time. Besides, the PDF can set the number of cards in a sheet of paper. It means you may have different size from the original.

This free printable card has written the opening. You need to fulfill the date, time and place where the party will be hold. Use colorful markers and pens to interest it.

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