Free Printable Curious George Birthday Invitation

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Hello everyone!

George is turning 7 this month. He wants to celebrate his birthday party with all of you. Growing up older and older asks him to be better than yesterday. In this special moment, he wants Curious George join there. First time to do, he browsed and found this free printable Curious George birthday invitation card. At glance, he really loved this kind of card.


It has bright color and cute George The Monkey holding telescope. This free printable card comes in two formats, JPEG and PDF. Both of them offer easy options to print. You have to choose the way you print based on your need. Each option has its own advantage.

The first one, printing it through JPEG will give you a sharp image as the original file. JPEG has a high resolution like your photo have. Unfortunately, you cannot work fast using this kind of format. Why? Because it takes long time to print one card. Besides, you cannot set the number of cards in a sheet of paper as PDF can do.

PDF format offer a superhero speed for you who want to finish it quickly. You can set the number of cards in one paper. Of course, it has different size. The original has 5×7 inches, while you may have it bigger or smaller than the file.

For more authentic and sturdy Curious George invitation card, use a white cardstock paper. Don’t forget to fulfill the date, time and your name. Write down your phone on the RSVP column. Therefore, your friends can inform you whether they will come or not.

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