Free Printable Colorful Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation

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Guess what? A couple of days Andien is turning 10. We gladly wanto invite you to her lovely party on this weekend.

Andien loves Hello Kitty very much. Who doesn’t know this cartoon character? Cute white cat, having small nose and wearing pink ribbon on her ear, We bet every girl loves Hello Kitty. Almost all of her picture are in pink. She always has pink or red dress with pretty accessories on it.


If you are a kitty lover, then this party will fit for you. We decorate the room by coloring the wall in pink and sticking Hello Kitty sticker. You will find this character in every balloon standing around you.

Andien asks us to prepare cute headcraft for the guest. Entering our house, you will get this beautiful headcraft.

It is standing party, so you are pleased to enjoy the activity. Having chit chat with your friends and drinking soda will be your activity there.

Ouch, don’t worry to be hungry. We set aside various cookies, doughnut and pasta. Andien is Italian food lover. She prepares all of the dishes to be served in this party alone.

One more thing, forget it to be bored. There are many games conducting in this party. Guessing name, singing a song and bursting balloon are three of the games we have.

You are pleased to come to Jean’s house on:

Date : January 28, 2017

Time: 5 p.m.

Address: 30A Windsor Street, Perth 6000

We can’t wait for your coming on Saturday. You presence is the best gift for Andien.

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