Free Printable Cleo & Cuquin Birthday Invitation Templates

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Do you know Cleo & Cequin ? It is the preschooler animated series TV. In latin America this series known as Cleo and Cuquin : Familia Telerin. Cleo is the oldest sister from 6 siblings and she is 8 years old. She loves to play a new game and try a new adventure. This series teach our child about a different profession and friendship. They use their imagination while doing so they pretend to be astronauts, teacher, doctor and so on. If you are looking  adorable theme for your kids party, you can select Cleo and Cuquin. It will make your party look so cool and fun! Let’s begin a new party adventure!

Free Printable Cleo & Cuquin Invitation Templates

Guess what ? We have a fantastic news for you! Yeah, we already designed Cleo and Cuquin Invitation Templates for you. So, it will a little bit help you to prepare your party. Don’t worry these are absolutely free! You don’t need to pay anything. Plus, we offer six different images for you. There are Cleo, Tete, Cuquin, Maripi and Pelusin. You can choose based on your kid preference. Remember peeps, you can get more than one!. These templates have Cleo & Cuquin background with beautiful blue sky view. Moreover, it has blank space in the centre so you can write your wording invitation  here. 

How to Get These Templates

It is effortless  guys! first, you just click the blue save botton under the images that you select and then it will direct you into the new window. Your image will be automatically save into your PC or you can right click on your mouse pointer and choose “save image as”. 

How To Customize These Templates

Don’t worry. It is super easy. What you gotta do is just prepare your photo editor. For example if you use canva you can upload this image and start to redesign your invitation by adding some words. Plus, you can change the font colour and select the perfect font.

How to Print this template

  1. First prepare your printer and ensure your cartridge 
  2. Then print it with cardstock paper to make it more exclusive 

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