Free Printable Captain Marvel Birthday Invitation

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Are you fond of Captain America? Here is the free printable Captain America birthday invitation card. You will get the bright cute card for your birthday. It comes in two formats. Those options ease you to print it out. Similar to the comic, Captain America is on blue and red costume, smiling at you holding his primary weapon, shield.


You can choose one of the options. If you print through JPEG, you will get more authentic card. I recommend you to use a white cardstock paper for sturdy result.

Printing it through PDF is great too. You get a superhero speed because of the flexible setting of the paper. Don’t worry for the result. You will have the amazing invitation card. Although it is not too sharp as the JPEG has.

After printing all the cards, fulfill the date, time and place you hold the party. Write down your name and age at the top of the card. Then give your phone number for your friends to inform you whether they can come or not.

Your birthday party is not complete without Captain America birthday cake and cupcakes. You can make it by your self or order it through social media. Prepare candies and soft drinks for your guest. Enjoy the party by eating healthy dishes for your best health. Avoid any dangerous food to not to get any deseases.

Play some games during your party such as Cockadoo, Fight enemies and Throw the ball. Stick Captain America pictures on the wall and your balloons.

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