Free Printable Camp Invitation Template

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Do you want to celebrate your child birthday party ? If the answer is yes, how about invite your child’s best friend and make summer camp party idea ? This camp will be a great idea to make your child’s birthday party is so different and fun. Don’t worry about the invitation because we have made it and we will share our designs below. You can choose and pick the best one

As you can see below, our designs are so unique and pretty. It has night sky view with a thousand of stars. Each design come in different patterns and ornaments. There are approximately six designs of camp invitation templates and you can choose based on your preference. Every image is decorated by camping stuffs such as there are lamp, tent, map, etc and it has pretty design. This invitation come in JPEG version so it will make you easier to do editing in editing tools. plus, we provided a blank space area so you can complete your details information about the party such as title, name, place and date, also contact number. Well, you can this template for free! yes, no cost no hassle!. So what are you waiting for ? Browse your favourite template below

Okay guys, basically this template is very easy to get. All you have to do is just find the blue button under your image. It’s a download button. Then click this button and wait until your image automatically download. However, if you can’t find this button you can simply put your pointer on the selected image and right click your mouse. It will direct you into a folder to keep your image.

Customize your template

When you are finished in downloading, you have to customize your template. There are two options  to do it. first, you can use photo editor application/tool such as Canva, CorelDraw and Photoshop. Start for adding a title and complete your party information. Don’t forget to click save when you are finished. second, if you prefer hand-writing you can print your invitation first and then do customize your invitation by using pens or markers


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