Free Printable Camouflage Military Invitation Template

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Let’s be camouflage military at my birthday party. I am turning 9 this month. Happily I invite all of you to come in my celebration. There is no better gift except your presence.

Why I choose camouflage military theme? Remember, when we were kid, it is our favorite game. We played it almost everyday. In this special event, I want my room and garden be our place to play this game. My brother prepares all the stuff so we may feel the war.

I use a free printable camouflage military invitation template. It really helps me to prepare the card. No need to draw anything because its design is really good. You won’t believe me. Beside easy to download, it comes in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. Choose one of them that fits to you. Don’t worry, both JPEG or PDF have the best printing.


As you know, JPEG is used to print photos. If you use this format, you will get sharpest image as you print photos. Yet it needs long time to print.

While you print through PDF, you get superhero speed that allows you to save time. For more authentic and sturdy invitation card, a white cardstock paper is recommended. This kind of card makes the image clearly.

Fulfill the card by giving date, time and place. Write down your name and age. Ask your friends to dress up followed the theme. Enjoy all the activities and taste a special chow that will be served. I cannot wait to see you here.

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