Free Printable Camouflage Military Invitation Template

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Find candies in camouflage bowl and glass. Tio is turning 8 this month. He likes playing camouflage in everything. Treasure hunt, playing war are several favorite games. You will see camouflage balloons in dark green, black and brown. Tio also decorate the room with camouflage streamers.


He use this free printable camouflage military invitation template that will ease you in printing. It has two kinds of formats, the JPEG and PDF.

Basically, both formats have a fantastic result. You may choose one of them that fit your need. The JPEG gives you sharpest image as you print photos. But, it needs long time when printing process is run.

It is different if you use the PDF format. You can set the number of cards in a sheet of paper. It allows you to have lots of cards at the same time. Of course you have extra time to prepare other party’s stuff. Cut the cards by using scissor to have tidy result.

For more authentic and sturdy invitation card, a white cardstock paper is recommended. After having all the cards, fulfill it by writing down the date, time and place where you hold the party. It is possible for you to put in the envelope.

Enliven your birthday party by playing some mini games such as treasure hunt and water relay. It is easy to prepare since you get all the stuff in daily use.

Dress up your best camouflage costume here. Chow will be served as the main menu. I cannot wait seeing you to come here.

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