Free Printable Bubble Guppies Birthday Invitations

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Howdy everyone, who doesn’t like a birthday party? Everyone can sing and dance and have fun together and forget everything for a while. If you have a son or daughter who is going to have a birthday party, you better read this. I am going to give you bubble guppies themed birthday party.

Match your invitations card to your birthday themed. This will bring energy and excitement to the party.

If your have a pool at your home it will be better to have this bubble guppies themed birthday party since this is about ocean world. You decorate the party with blue ocean wallpaper, sterofoam mermaid, sands on your backyard and etc. You can also tell the kids to build sandcastle. When the kids come to the party, you can provide some mermaid pants for the kids to wear.

You can prepare some snacks, sweets, and cupcakes for the kids to enjoy. You can look on the internet for some snack recipes then you can try to make it yourself. You should also arrange some main food for the kids like steak, sandwiches, or pasta.


You should prepare some ice breaker games to break the ice so everyone can have fun together. You can play song of the sea, guess the name or anything else. If someone wins, you can give them goodie bag with souvenir. You can also ask the kids to sing and dance at the party.


That is all for the birthday ideas. Good luck preparing your party!

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