(Free Printable) Baby Shark Invitation Birthday Templates

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Baby shark.. doo.. doo.. doo.. doo. Anyway, do you know this song ?. Yash, It is Baby shark song.  Let’s dance together !. Baby shark is very famous among the kids even in adults. It is a children song which viral through social and online media especially on instagram and youtube . Almost kids around the world both girls or boys  know about this pinkfong baby shark song and baby shark dance. Therefore, baby shark birthday party will be a great idea for your beloved ones!

Free Printable Baby Shark Invitation templates

Since, the song is very famous. This inspired us to make Baby Shark invitation templates and we hope it will go viral too :D. We have prepared some template, you can choose based on your preferences. Totally, there are six different images with pretty undersea background. These template has standard size and landscape jpeg format. So, after you download it soon, you can import this image into your photo editor and customize your own invitation. If you still confused about the wording for your invitation, I will give you recommendation

Our Baby Shark 

Aria is turning 3 

Let’s dance together and  celebrate !

Sat, 7 March 2020 at shark’s house

786 St. Andreas, Gg

Please rsvp to 889-789

Don’t forget to arrange your decoration to make it more attractive. You can arrange your party with undersea background and some baby shark stuff such as plates and cups, hats, baby shark balloons, hats, Fong goodie bag and many more. You can find these stuff on online store or offline store. In addition, you can set interactive game later on your party. It will make your kids party look so cool. Last but no least, put “baby shark dance” on your party run down! 

How To Use These Baby Shark  Invitation Templates

  1. Go to dolanpedia.com and click free baby shark invitation templates
  2. Choose your favourite pattern and move your pointer under the image which is the blue-save download button and will be automatically download
  3. Import your image to photo editor app such as photo shop or canvas
  4. Write down your words
  5. Print your invitation. I would like to recommend for using card stock paper to make it more attractive and let’s send out your invitation! 😀


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