Free Printable Animal and Truck Invitation Template

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Beep! Beep! Beep!

Here is a free printable animal and truck invitation template. It has bright color. You can see lots of farm animal such as horse, duck, cow, chicken, birds and many others. It is suitable for kids birthday party. We design this template specially for your upcoming party.

Free Printable Animal and Truck Invitation Template

This invitation template comes in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. Both of them gives you easiness to print.

The JPEG formats offer sharpest image than others. It is the best choice for you who want to have photo-like result. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to print. Therefore, you cannot work quickly with this kind of format.

While you print through PDF, you have standard image. Its image has difference quality with the JPEG format. However, you can work fast with PDF because you can set a number of cards in paper. Then, you will get several numbers of cards. You just need to cut in half or one forth, depend on your setting.

Your birthday party will be more hilarious by having farm theme. Color your wall in green or blue. Set colorful balloons in your room. Besides, stick images of animals, trees and grasses on the wall. It makes your party feel like in the farm.

Complete this party with farm animal birthday cake. It will perfect your moments. Prepare vegetable-based dishes for your guests. Various milkshakes is also recommended in this birthday party.

Playing mini games during the party is the best idea. It builds warm condition for you. Happy trying.

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