Free Printable Angry Birds Birthday Invitation

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Let’s celebrate your birthday party with Angry Bird. Here is the special free printable Angry Bird birthday invitation in JPEG and PDF formats. Its option ease you to print it out. It has bright color and six characters of Angry Bird. You may add some characters as you want by drawing the picture there.


JPEG is the bewt choice for you who want to have sharp image. This kind of format give you right colors as the file has. But, you cannot work fast when print it using JPEG because it works slowly.

It is different if you print it in PDF format. You can set the number of card in one paper. Then your printer will do it fast. You get a superhero speed with this kind of format.

After getting all the cards, fulfill it by writing down the date, time and place where you held the party. Don’t forget to write down your name and your ager on the top of the card. Use colorful pens and markers to make it charming. It is possible for you to put in envelope. Change the size to fit it in the envelope. Giving your phone number is recommended as the RSVP. It is useful for everyone who plans to have party. RSVP makes you prepare dishes precisely. Thus, throwing food to the bin is not happened.

Your party is fully complete by having Angry Bird birthday cake. Choose one of the characters to be your cakes or cupcakes. Enjoy your party with any candies and chocolates. Happy birthday.

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