Free Printable Alice in wonderland Invitation Templates

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“only if you believe it”. Where did this quote comes from? Wuhu, you are right, this is from Alice in Wonderland movie. It is the magic quote comes from Mad Hatter. However, have you ever watched or read Alice in Wonderland before? – a story about little girl named Alice. Then, if you are going to plan a party such as birthday party, baby shower, sweet sixteen or seventeen even wedding you can use this story as your party concept inspiration. Since, Alice In Wonderland adored by both children and adults. Here are few ideas which can helpful for your party

  1. Make your own wonderland. Use your name as your party theme such as “Alisa in wonderland”. It will make your party look so cool , magical and fairy tale
  2. Labelling your food and drinks. Label your food with “ EAT ME” and “DRINK ME”
  3. More mushrooms and teapot!. Yep, in Alice in Wonderland movie there were a lot of mushroom so make it real in your party peeps
  4. Invitation. Fun fact, you can download your favourite Alice in Wonderland templates in here because We’ve already designed it for you. Plus, these templates come with different option such as Alice, mad hatter, white rabbit, cheeshier, queen and of course soldier and these are free! You don’t have to pay anything. These invitation have 5×7’’ landscape design and blank space in the centre so you can personalized your words such as 

Don’t be late ! For a very important date

You are invited to 

Alisa in Wonderland

7th March 2020 at 7 o’clock in the evening

1450 Wonderland Rd

Go down on rabbit hole and join us

Wear your wonderland best!


Free Printable Alice in Wonderland invitation Templates






This invitation must be customize 

Don’t worry, it is super easy. First, go to and choose your favourite Alice in wonderland templates. Click the selected image and choose “ save image as” by right clicking. Edit the template in photo editor, don’t worry you can use any kind of photo editor but if you can’t use coral draw you can use canva as an option since it is the easier one I think. Write down your sentences and finally, it is done. You can print and let people come to your wonderland!

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