Free Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Invitation Template

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Minnie comes in pink dress. Using her pretty silk headcraft, she is ready to celebrate your birthday party. Here is the free printablr Minnie Mouse birthday template in two kinds of formats, JPEG and PDF. Those options offer easiness for you to print it out. Get the quick preparation of birthday party ever.


I recommend you to use a white cardstock paper for more authentic and sturdy invitation card. Printing it in JPEG format is the easy option but not quick as PDF did. JPEG works slowly in printing. You only have the original size, 5×7 inches. Besides, you cannot set the number of cards in one paper.

While you print through PDF, you may have different size of cards. This kind of formats works such a flash, so quick and tidy. It saves your time and energy preparing the birthday party. Since there are lots of things you have to set up like the plates, glasses, decoration and others.

When you get all the cards, fulfill it by writing your name, date, time and place. It is good to you to ask them giving RSVP. They can call you or send any messages to you if they come or not. It helps you preparing the dishes.

Playing some minigames during the party is a good idea. It will enliven your event. Complete your party by having Minnie Mouse birthday cakes and cupcakes. You can design the cake as you want. Make sure you have many candies, chocolates and milkshakes. Enjoy the party until the end.

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