Free Mario Bros 5th Birthday Invitation Template

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What is the most pleasing moment than birthday party? Next week Jose is going to invite you celebrating his birthday. He is turning 5 this year and being with all of you is such a blessing for him. Though, just come and join the party.


Jose likes Mario Bros. Although it is the oldest game from Nintendo, he likes to play it until now. First time he saw his nephew playing that game, he fell in love with it. This kind of arcade game has many challenges for Jose to finish. He is always curious when start playing Mario Bross. In every weekend, his nephew and him play this game in his computer.

In this special moment, he asks his father to hold a party in Mario Bross themed. He wants everything in the party has Mario’s picture. The balloons, glasses and wall stickers must be in Mario Bross themed. Then his parent accept that wish because of high ranked he got last semester.

Jose helps his parent preparing the invitation card by printing it through free printable Mario Bross invitation cwrd template. It is very easy for him since it is already to use. Actually you can find other designed such as favorite cartoon character. This free printable template is useful for everyone who plans to have party.

You won’t just eat the dishes in this party, because Jose will ask you to play some games. Drawing mushroom, Jump to the pipe and others id waiting for you to be played.

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