Free Little Monkey 1st Birthday Template

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Our little Sean is growing up. He is turning one this month. We are happy to see him everyday. To be more grateful, as the way we thank to God, we are going to celebrate his birthday party next week.


Sean likes animal. We have 2 cats, 3 rabbits and also fish. We always go to zoo in a holiday. Sean loves being there. Sometimes he watched Curious George, a serial TV cartoon, which made him enthusiastic. He is so funny when asks us to bring back monkeys from the zoo.

In this special moment, we choose little cute monkey as the birthday party theme. We make wonderful birthday cake and cupcakes. Every glasses, napkins and also the balloons are on little monkey theme. We stick banana, tree and monkey stickers on the wall. We decorate our room like in a jungle.

We do not forget the invitation card. Using a free printable little monkey template really helps us preparing this party. As you know, its printable card offers you the easiness of printing. You may print through JPEG and PDF. After finishing print that card, you just need to fulfill it by writing down the date, time and place. Very simple, isn’t it?

At the last, come and join our party on:

Date: February 25, 2017

Time: 4 p.m.

Address: 377 Dalhousie Street, Ottaws, Ontario K1N 9N8, Canada

We cannot wait to see you in this birthday party. Enjoy the dishes we have such candies, snacks and milkshakes. Play some games to break the boredom. See you next week.

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