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Time is flies when you are having fun. Hello everyone, guess who’s turning nine this April? Right, your best friend Kristen will turn nine on this April and we are gladly inviting you to celebrate her special day with us.

hello kitty

Kristen is really loves the legendary cat character called Hello Kitty. I think every girls loves Hello Kitty. We will have many Hello Kitty decorations, small statues, and display doll on our party.

hello kitty1We will give you kitty ear bandana at the party. You have to wear it for the whole party. I believe you will look cuter when you wear those bandana.

We will provide a lot of candies, cakes and sweets you can enjoy at the party. We will also hired cotton candy man to at more sweets in our party. You can have it as much as you like and you can also try to make cotton candy yourself. You are going to be excited for the party.

helo kity



hello kitty photo2

hello kitty photo1


hello kitty photo

We will have standing party so you can chit chat with everyone around better. We will also play some game at the party to break the ice and make everyone closer like human bingo, guess the song, and two truths and a lie.

Anyway, the birthday party will be held in Kristen’s house on:

Date                            : Saturday, 23 April 2016

Time                           : 12 PM

Address                      : 1332 Dancing Dove Lane, South Carolina 10001

We can’t wait to welcome and see you on our party this Saturday. Your presence is the best presence we needed. See you there and enjoy the party!



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