FREE Editable Ballerina Invitation Template

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Ballerina girl always identical with cute and feminine. So, does your lovely daughter like ballet ? Or  if your lovely daughter loves to collect cute and girly stuffs, you can give her a ballerina party as her present in her special day. This theme will make your party look so cute and girly and it’s perfect for celebrate your daughter’s birthday. 

Since this aesthetic dance are so popular., it inspired us to make ballerina invitation template as a n appreciation form of appreciation for ballerinas. plus, as usual our template is free from charge. So you will save your money because you don’t need to pay for the invitation. You can allocate your money for another party budget such as for decorations or food and beverages.  

We come up with pretty design. The designs are so cute with purple colour theme and we offer six different designs with different character. There is a girl who wear ballerina attribute and of couser ballet shoes. It represents a little ballerina who had performance on the cute stage. Don’t worry about the quality because we do our best. Then, there is a blank space so you can write your party detail explanation to inform all of  your guest. The designs are very nice and will match with your party theme. Another benefit is you can do your own invitation just from your home by laying on the sofa or inf front of your computer. Don’t think twice, let’s just get them all!

Get this free printable invitation 

Super quick and easy. Here is the guidance

  1. Select your favourite ballerina invitation template
  2. Press the blue button under your desired image and your image will automatically save
  3. Next, if can’t this this button you can just direct your pointer on the image and right click on your mouse 
  4. Choose “save image as” and store it on folder
  5. If you prefer digital design typically, you can do editing first on your photo editor soft ware such as photoshop. Then, start to add some words and ornaments to make it more pretty
  6. When you are done, prepare your printer and print it with card stock./multipurpose paper

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