Free Alice in Wonderland 4th Birthday Invitation Template

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Do you remember Alice in The Wonderland movie? Almost all girls love to watch this movie since it has wonderful setting. When you watch it, you enter the fairy tale world.

For you who plan to have birthday party, here is a free printable Alice in Wonderland invitation template. Actually it fits to every kids, no matter what the age is. However, it will be suitable for kids who are 3 up to 12 years old. It is because this movie cannot be understood by kids below 3 years old.

Free Alice in Wonderland 4th Birthday Invitation Template

It has bright color and lots of character been there. Alice, the rabbit, the cat and other things like the key and playing card. This invitation template comes in two formats, the JPEG and PDF. These options give you an easy way to print.

When yoy choose the JPEG, you will get the best result of printing. But, you need extra time to finish all the paper. It means, you cannot work fast with this formats. It is better for you to start your work a week before the party.

Conversely, if you print through PDF, you can save extra time and energy. It gives you a flash printing speed. It allows you to print more than one template in a sheet of paper. Later, you only need to cut based on the outer line.

Complete your party by having Alice in Wonderland birthday cake. It will perfect your precious moment. Prepare many cakes, cupcakes and candies as to fit your party theme. Ask your guest to be in a fairy tale world.

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