Floral And Geometric Invitation Templates – Editable With MS Word

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Wouldn’t you love to have a Pinterest-worthy design for your party invitation card? A design that elegantly enough to pulls off trendsetting design and classic style all at once? Able to capture every inches of the actual party and its meaning? There are lots of ways to do all that, but it will surely attract attention with a bold geometric pattern.

Here’s why these patterns are a must-have.



If you were looking for a template that will stands out among the other, and couldn’t find any. These dazzling Floral and Geometric Frame will have everything for an awe-inspiring card. Actually, at first, I decided to make this whole card in Rustic theme, but rather than doing that, I added Modern Gold Geometric Frame as the decoration element.

Each cards also have unique and beautiful flowers, such as Tulips, Roses and Hawaiian Hibiscus. It depends on you now, which one is your favorite, and go with it, because our template is editable with Microsoft Word, so both beginner and more advanced user are able to do the customization with ease.








How to Download

  • I’ve placed the download link/button above, click it.
  • You will be directed to the Google drive page, click the “Red” download button, or the “Drop-down” arrow on the far-right.
  • FYI, all files were gathered into single Rar file. If Windows 10 is running in your laptop, you don’t have to install winrar, but for Win 7-8, you have to install it, and extract the files.
  • Locate the download folder and “Enter” to start the process.

For the type of paper that you can use is cardstock paper, choose which one is your favorite, because each type of paper has different characteristic, such as textures and materials, or you can use cardstock paper as it’s the most used paper for this type of occasion and for the print sizes is 5×7 inches.

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