Fashion Show Birthday Party Invitations

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Walk, walk, walk, pose, then flip your hair. Hi everyone, today I will give you some tips about celebrating  fashion show birthday party. This party will work if your girl love cameras, fashion, and to pose. We will have some exciting fashion show birthday party.

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You should prepare pen and paper then sit down and brainstorm with your girl about their birthday party and write it down when getting some ideas. Some essential things you need to prepare is invitations, food, decorations, games, event plan, or perhaps souvernir if you want to. You should decorate your home with some mannequin with faboulous clothes. You have to dress your girl so well. You can create a long stage and pick some girls to do the fashion show. You can decorate your house with pink cloth. For your birthday invitations, don’t forget to mention that this is a fashion show party, so everyone will dress faboulous.

For the birthday party prepare some dessert, sweets, snacks and another special treats for everyone. You can decorate the birthday cake with some fashion items like bag, sunglasses, or showYou should also prepare some ice breaker game to entertain everyone. Since this is a fashion show birthday you can play make up race or mix and match some clothes.

Lastly, you can give souvernir to the guest, for example party photo or another merchandise like mug, t shirt, or towel with your birthday girl name.

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That’s all the ideas for your fashion show birthday party. Good luck preparing your awesome faboulous party!

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