Elegant 30th Birthday Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

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As Shown below, we’ve made a bunch of different template designs, filled with delicate color and stuffs. This template was purposely made as an example of beautiful 30th Birthday invitation card, but in other ways, you can simply use it in whatever you want. This invitation card was requested by one of my friend, she wanted to host a mini even to celebrate her husband birthday, but unfortunately, it was canceled because she chose another design from mine.

I’m trying to make it useful for anyone, especially for you, who is looking for an elegant invitation card for free. You can customize this template on your own, at home. As simply as that. Anyway, I really love this template, do you know why? For me, as we can see, underneath the Oval shaped text box, you will get to see some Flower graphics, and sort of paint brush and somehow, it does make some Glowing “Shade” effect to it.


You also get another stuff in this template, such as Floral graphics, I decided to give you a couple of options, so that you can match it with your own personal preferences. For the wording section, you don’t have to worry about that, because I’ve made an example for that, you can put your name right at the Middle of the card, and followed by the Date, and so forth.








In addition, every template in our site also comes in printable and editable format (DOCX File) format, so you can easily handle this task at your home with your own printer and laptop. Oh-Wait! I almost forgot to mention, after you have finished the editing or customizing process, you should browse and get some information about what’s the perfect paper-material for you. I could give you a recommendation, I’m gonna tell you to pick either Card-stock or Linen Paper.


How to Download

  • All files were stored in our Google Drive, so you need to click the download button (Above) to gain access to the template.
  • Once you landed on that page, Choose & Click Download > Locate the folder and tap Enter to start the download process.
  • Open the file using Ms. Word or Paint (Print it on 5×7 paper)
  • Best paper for this occasion is card-stock paper
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